WHAT can you do today to improve your life tomorrow? How do you see yourself and how do others see you? How to Communicate, Behave and dress your personal brand to be more succesful? 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, as adoption of technology increases (WEF) REINVENT YOURSELF ! If you were a fruit which one would it be?


If you were asked to indicate 3 words that describe you, what would they be?

And are they the same as other people would say?

Having a deep self-knowledge and knowing how use that to flourish and promote your unique qualities helps you to feel more fulfilled and satisfied.
There are no perfect jobs, but we can create the conditions that give us more happiness, more motivation and self-fulfillment..

In this highly competitive world and in which more and more jobs are being automated, it is crucial to know how to reinvent yourself and stand out in order to embrace the new challenges with enthusiasm and confidence.

The new reality demands a greater capacity for flexibility, co-creation, intercultural collaboration and continuous learning, in which according to the World Economic Forum, soft skills such as creativity and emotional intelligence are essential for success.

With our practical and interactive interventions at a personal level and in groups you will understand what differentiates you, how to use your unique potential and how to reinvent yourself to always be your best version. On corporate level, we help teams to find new and out of the box solutions through creative and experiential metodologies.

Specialties: Personal branding, Interpersonal communication, Creativity, Professional image, Executive presence, Mindful leadership, and Public speaking.


My name is Manon Rosenboom Alves, I am Dutch and I have lived since 1995 in the beautiful country Portugal. I am the founder of Reinvent Yourself and graduated in health care management (University of Maastricht). I also obtained a postgraduate degree in marketing and international business (INDEG / ISCTE).

After having worked in multinationals in the field of marketing and sales for several years, in 2008 I fulfilled my dream of building my own business that focuses on mentoring and training in personal branding, soft skills and creativity.

I am an accredited EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) coach & mentor and certified in several facilitation tools, among others Applied creativity and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. I am also certified in image consulting by Colour me Beautiful, an international brand that I represent in Portugal.


I love what I do because through my work I can explore my ‘restlessness’ to always look for better solutions, my willingness to help others and my interest in personal development in the most rewarding way.

I am the author of the book ‘Marca Personal SA’ (Personal Brand), co-author of the book ‘Como Chegar a Líder’ (How to become a Leader) and I also collaborate with several national magazines in the fields of ​​human resources, personal development and well-being.

Reinvent Yourself partners up with the best specialists to offer consultancy and tailored training according to the needs of our clients. We help our private and corporate clients to identify their uniqueness to stand out, to promote and to value their qualities, in order to be more successful and to feel more fulfilled.


Coaching Mentoring Liderança em Lisboa Reinvent Yourself



We are all unique human beings with our own unique qualities. However, many people think that it is difficult to show this uniqueness, the star within them that shines bright when it is found. They might speak and promote themselves, but that does not mean that they communicate with impact and authenticity.

In our individual and group training sessions you will discover your unique combination of personality, talents, and experiences to promote your personal brand with your target group (customers, employers, partners, etc.) and learn how to pack it in an ‘elevator pitch’ that creates impact. During our individual sessions we define through exercises, discussions and reflections:

  • Your values, unique qualities, mission and vision
  • Your goals
  • Your audience
  • Your ‘Personal brand statement’
  • Your communication strategy
  • How to communicate with impact
  • How to have a confident non-verbal language
  • How to dress your personal brand
  • How to monitor your development

In 5 to 10 sessions we will work together online and/or in person to define your personal and unique brand.

Book "Marca Pessoal, SA"
(in Portuguese)

Why do some people seem to succeed more easily than others?

Nowadays it is not enough to have a college degree or an MBA to stand out or be valued as you desire to. It is crucial to be aware of your unique qualities and to know how to communicate them to the people or companies that are important to you. Through the three V-method (inner Value – outer Value – attributed Value), you will find out how to use this information in order to develop a successful personal brand, and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Based on proven methods, scientific studies and personal experiences of the author, you will understand how to make the most of your personal characteristics, verbal, non-verbal and online communication, etiquette and clothing to develop, reinforce and maintain your personal brand.

'Brand yourself before others brand you.'


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