1:1 Coaching and Mentoring programmes

For those who want to improve their leadership skills, soft skills or personal brand in a more personalized and specific way, our coaching and mentoring programs can be the perfect solution. Through a mentoring program you will create a greater awareness of your thought patterns and behaviours and learn how to increase your skills in the fields of emotional intelligence, communication, creativity, leadership and personal branding.

In the one-on-one sessions that are scheduled online or presentially on a regular basis, we will work on pre-agreed topics.

Possible topics:

  • Mindful Leadership
  • Verbal, non-verbal and online communication
  • Resilience
  • Executive Presence
  • Team motivation
  • Mindfulness & Wellbeing at work
  • Personal marketing plan
  • Effective networking
  • Professional image


Team Coaching

Even with the best talents onboard, leading a team can be challenging. Team coaching can be a very effective methodolgy to address team challenges like communication gaps, lack of collaboration, conflict management. With our approach you tackle the problems by their roots in a safe environment and harness collective strengths, empower leaders, and cultivate a culture of resilience. Elevate your team’s performance and overcome obstacles together for lasting results.



NEW: WALK THE TALK – Coaching in Nature

Despite the immense possibilities that online work provides, it is also important to set aside some time off-screen. With the combination of Coaching, Nature and Physical Exercise, you will improve your mental and physical health in a very rewarding way and increase your performance at the same time.
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‘I had never done any program like this before and I really liked it. The mentor was wonderful. The program met my needs and helped me to get to know myself better. Although mentoring is important for the program to achieve its intended objectives, it is essential that the “trainee” is committed and motivated.’ – Jorge C – Director of Operations Rodoviária de Lisboa


‘One of the aspects that I liked the most about mentoring (and I even commented this personally with Manon) was the fact that almost without realizing we were reaching conclusions and new ideas to implement almost as an informal conversation that, along the way, becomes a powerful management tool.I also really liked the self-knowledge that we are acquiring throughout the sessions.’ – Gonçalo Matos – Head of Operações Rodovária de Lisboa


I decided to participate in Walk the Talk – Coaching in Nature with a very well-defined goal: to be my moment of connection with myself and with nature as a stage. It was an incredible process of discovery and awareness. Manon has the ability to convey to us an enormous serenity, simplicity and awareness about the importance of small changes in attitudes in our daily lives that can provide us with enormous well-being. In each session I had several insights that led me to make some changes in my daily routines and the goal was always to feel connected with myself, with my essence, which improved my physical and psychological well-being. It was an incredible evolution in such a short amount of time. Today I continue to follow Manon´s tips and feel much lighter, present and serene with myself and others. I am immensely grateful to Manon and highly recommend this program.‘ – Cristina Caeiro – Human Resources Director

The partnership established with Manon was one of trust and challenge. The exercise was stimulating for its diversity, relevance and holistic approach. The process had the right balance of challenge and support, reflection and action, and the results emerged in a structured, tangible and secure way. Thank you!!’ – Guida Figueira – Head of People & Culture