There are already enough presentations that cause sleep… During our presentations and talks there is no time to fall asleep, because our desire to share knowledge dynamically, providing a moment of reflection and learning, combined with some fun, won´t leave anyone indiferent.

We like to provoke and stimulate you to rethink certain topics in a light way and with a touch of humor!

The presentations and talks can take between 30 and 90 minutes and the content can be adapted to the specific needs of the event.

Challenge us!

Examples of themes:

  • Personal brand vs corporate brand – a win win brand?
  • Participatory leadership – from Ego to Eco
  • Creativity – only for creatives?
  • Did Curiosity really kill the cat?
  • Personal brand – Why and how to build?
  • Life is a pitch
  • Professional image – the relationship between self-confidence, personal image and success



‘Congratulations on the presentation, I was delighted with the potential that our image transmits about us to the world. I will deepen this subject because I want to get to know myself better! ’- Luíza E. – Manager Customer Relationship