The main goals of our trainings and workshops are to provide a moment of individual and group learning, active participation and personal growth in a pleasant and safe environment that generate generate the desired results.

We aim to create an experience that involves the mind, heart and hands for a deeper learning experience and for a high motivation to apply the learned skills or implement a new plan.

The contents are developed according to the client’s needs and are suitable for all levels and types of jobs within the company.

The sessions are interactive and contain relevant topics also for personal life, which result in high engagement levels.

Possible topics:

  • Creativity to innovate at work
  • Conscious leadership
  • Personal Brand & Professional Image
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Networking skills
  • Impactful communication 
  • Body language
  • Presentating with impact and authenticiy



‘It was the first experience I participated in a personal branding workshop and it achieved a very high level. The tools used, as well as the sequence of activities for self-knowledge and a powerful call-to-action to work on our personal brand and create a growth plan. 5 stars.’  –  João de Almeida Chaves – Digital Transformation Manager Luz Saúde

“This workshop was a nice surprise! It was an opportunity to see how creativity can be spontaneous and that we can easily practice it. There are simple exercises that result in good ideas. It was also an excellent chance to meet people from different countries and backgrounds. I will use the learned tools to generate more ideas and solutions to my challenges.” – Fabíola Pernas, Marketing Manager

‘An enriching and surprisingly deep experience that challenges us to reflect on what our choices are and what our purpose in life really is. All of this, combining the theoretical and practical components in a very interesting way. I recommend!’  – Teresa Beijoco – Marketing & Communications Manager Altice

‘Great Workshop. The combination of the personal brand with the art of negotiation is brilliant. Merit of the trainers Manon Alves and Margarida Rodrigues who managed to provide an extremely useful content in a simplified, intelligent, easily perceived and applicable way. I recommend it without any hesitation. Thanks to both.’  – Judite Neto – Owner & Managing Director Aromaclub