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Success by influence or energy?

Have you ever experienced how energised you felt after talking to someone or the contrary, you felt drained afterwards? Probably you have, and in organisations this is a stronger indicator for succes than many people realize.

According to Kim Cameron, professor and co-founder of the Center for Positive Organizations, instead of mapping networks of information or influence, networks of relational energy can be more useful as organizations with a culture based on positive relationships, are more succesful and have higher scores on job wellbeing. Energizers are people that are enthusiastic, solution focused, and help others. Be aware that while mapping the energisers and de-energisers, the top leaders, the ones that determine the organisation´s strategy and culture, are not necessarily the energisers!…

You can do the exercise yourself. Just map the persons you interact most with. Are those the ones that give you positive feelings and energy, or do they make you feel exhausted and demotivated? Are you an energiser or de-energiser? When you have done this inventory, is there anything that you can change regarding your interactions so that you perform and feel better?