Reinvent Yourself | Workshop Series

Learn how to create more stillness in order to understand your true self, enhance your communication and build your personal plan.

You must already have heard a thousand times that the ‘old normal’ has gone and that we have to get used to the ‘new normal’. However, as we are still in this adapting phase with lots of uncertainties, many people are wondering how that new normal looks like. The bad news is, nobody knows the answer, the good news is that you can actively help to define and shape it. Not by waiting until we have to adapt passively, but by starting with new behaviours and new activities.

There are many things that are happening currently beyond our control, but there is still a part that we can control, define and redesign. Let´s do that together and cocreate the the future and opportunities we want for ourselves and for others.

In this series of short and practical workshops you will learn how to create more stillness in order to access your creativity and build your personal plan. Based on proven methodologies, excercices, mutual help from other participants in an informal and enjoyable environment, you will get clearer ideas about your next steps to flourish in times of constant change.

You can attend all workshops for a special price or just choose the ones that appeal most to you!


16/6 Workshop #1 – It´s not you, it´s me

Do you feel that, due to the pandemia, you are questioning your purpose and values, as the basis for a new start? Are there patterns, activities or behaviours that you have become aware of and that you need to let go in order to make place for what really matters to you now? Do you feel you are adapting yourself too much and not listening enough to your own authentic voice and therefore lose opportunities? In this workshop you will see why it is important to stay true to yourself, in order to be motivated, creative and energized. You will learn more about yourself, appreciate the aspects that make you unique and feel confident to show that.

17/6 Workshop #2 – Are you tokking to me?

No, this is not a workshop on talking to convince others. Do you know what the key to success is in communication? Listening! Not only with your head, but with your full attention which also includes the heart and body as a whole. And to do that, it´s important to listen and try to stand in the other person´s shoes. Learn how you can better communicate with people that you consider very different than yourself and discover how to connect and truly empathise to get the desired results.

18/6 Workshop #3 – Ease you mind and increase your focus

Are you feeling overloaded because you have to manage life and work in unrealistic proportions? Are these times of uncertainties creating anxiety and loss of motivation and focus? Learn in this workshop how to change your mindset, reduce your stress levels through everyday ‘no-nonense’ mindfulness techniques. More than just some techniques, you will be able to adopt a new philosophy of life with a focus on your true self and what really matters to you in a mindful way.

23/6 Workshop #4 Life is a Pitch

When was the last time that you had to pitch? Probably it was today to your boss, partner or child. We are talking all day, but are we effectely transmitting our message to get the result we want? Learn how to prepare yourself to communicate any important message, may it be a proposal, a brilliant idea or resolving a conflict. You will also receive some secrets to speak in public with confidence.

24/6 Workshop #5 – Brand yourself before Others do

Times have changed and due to an increase online connection, the world is our stage today. In order to show your qualities, your unique way of getting things done, it´s important to have a strong personal brand. Learn the elements of building and nourishing a strong personal brand that represents your best version and create new opportunities with people that really matter to you.

25/6 Workshop #6 – Powerful Presence & Networking on Linkedin

LinkedIn is currently the most important professional networking site, that helps people to make business connections, share their knowledge and experiences, and find new jobs. If used correctly, it will give you a much bigger return than a paid advertisement in a magazine. Learn and apply in real time how to update your profile so that it shows the most important information about yourself and discover how to engage and build relationships online, in order to develop new businesses and job opportunities.

The sessions will be held through Zoom from 6 – 8 pm (WEST) and will be highly interactive. Participate in one or more sessions and build up your confidence in order to thrive. With the provided tools and exercices, and contribution of the other participants, you can immediately start to implement the changes you desire!


1 workshop = €25

Complete programme (6 sessions) = €20 per session (€120 in total)

Payment options: paypal or bank transference

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About Manon Rosenboom Alves

Manon, who is Dutch, moved to Portugal when she was 24 years old, right after her graduation in health care management. She had to start from 0 in an unknown country and unknown language. The difficulties she encountered appeared to be huge advantages as they taught her to be resilient, stay positive and to create a network of give and receive in order to find new opportunities. She considers herself a lifelong learner and is specialised in personal branding, conscient communication & leadership and creativity. Currently she empowers professionals to be confident and creative in a holistic way in order to be their best version and reinvent themselves when the time has come. She is an accredited EMCC coach & mentor and obtained several international facilitation certificates. She has been invited regularly to lecture with creative tools in one of Portugal´s Human Resources Masters and volunteers in female entrepreneurship and youth programmes. She has appeared on national TV to talk about personal branding and creativity and collaborated with several Human Resources magazines.

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